Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dream #6

Seth and I went to the hospital for my 20 week ultrasound and ended up posted getting swept into a group of pregnant people doing a hospital tour. They showed Seth a kitchen that I wasn't allowed into but had a little window. I watched Seth cook stir fry in this hit wok with my face in the tiny open window but somehow ended up getting way to hot so as we walked over to my appointment room I passed out. As I was coming to I heard the Dr lecturing Seth about letting the patient lay down for procedures instead of making them stay standing. As I opened my eyes I could see the baby in a hospital crib beside me but I was SUPER high on anesthetics. They brought in some nerdy black guy with a big afro and light blue Polo Shirt to test my reflexes and get me ready to go home. I kept laughing hysterically at stupid things. He tried to give me medicine out of a big scoop spoon but put it by my nose instead of my mouth. I pushed it away getting it all over his shirt and telling him he was trying to drown me. I then told Seth that I'd ruined the guys shirt so we should probably buy him a new one. He continued testing me and I got emotional and told him he was a good man all tearfully... He told me I was good to go home and left.
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