Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 20

Welcome to week 20.  We have officially hit the midway mark on this pregnancy!  Let's hope that the next half goes as quickly and as smoothly as this first half has.  The weather is still beautiful, with 60 degree temperatures in February, so I'm enjoying the pretend spring we have going right now.  Next week we're supposed to be back to the 40s, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.  On Thursday we have the "big" ultrasound, so I'll definitely have an update to talk all about that process.

For baby
Baby is now the 6.5 inches from head to tail (hehe) and about 10 ounces, which apparently is the size of a banana.  Next week we start measuring from head to toe, which will make WAY more sense to me. Baby now also has working taste buds and is drinking amniotic fluid.  At this point though, baby is essentially working on growing bigger and stronger to get ready for life outside the womb.

For momma:

For me, the top of the uterus should be about even with my belly button.  We're currently trying to figure out names for both a boy and girl, since we don't have a ton of faith in gender shown by the ultrasound later in the week.  We like to be prepared either way.  :)  This weekend we spent some time taking pictures for our eventual pregnancy announcement.  We had a lot of fun as a family doing it, which was such a great experience.  We also took some random pics of my bump, which is most definitely standing out all on its own right now.  I feel like I'm already bigger than I was with Orion, so that's scary.  Maybe I'm just misremembering but I definitely feel pretty big.  I'm also starting to have back and hip pain, which is no fun.  I'm relying on warm baths and heat pads to keep that managed, but I'm sure the boys are already tired of my whining.  Hopefully it's just temporary and will quit being so annoying soon. We will see. 
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