Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 21

Welcome to week 21.  The halfway mark has come and gone, and we are still rolling quickly toward baby being born.  July seems like a long time away, but I'm sure it will be here before I know it.  The weather has returned to winter, even giving us a snow day on Friday, but I'm still ready for spring to return and stay around for a while.

For baby
Baby is now the 10.5 inches from head to foot and about 13 ounces according to our latest ultrasound.  Baby currently sleeps about 14 hours a day, but I can definitely tell when it's time to wake up and play around. Baby is still continuing to grow bigger and stronger to get ready for life outside the womb.  Wheee.

For momma:

Luckily the pain in my hips and back isn't so bad right now since I've found a more comfortable sleeping position.  I did have a few days though were I just felt crummy...nothing major but I think my body was fighting off a cold.  I blame the constantly changing weather we're dealing with right now.  My belly is definitely round and getting rounder, but otherwise things are pretty uneventful at this point. 
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