Tuesday, June 27, 2017

38 Week Dreams

Baby is right around the corner, but dreams of baby are as elusive as ever.  With Orion I regularly dreamed of him, but that has not been the case this pregnancy at all.  Instead, last night's dream brought a visit from my grandpa:

I was standing in the street of a small town talking with grandpa.  He was dressed in his legion uniform and holding a flag, getting ready to march in a parade.  He said one of his buttons on his uniform was loose and he was worried he was going to lose it, so I told him I would grab something and march behind him so I could pick it up if it fell. He then put his arm around me and started to tell me "did you know, these suckers are paying me to march?  I do it for free all the time!" and giggling like only my grandpa could.  He found it hilarious that they were willing to pay him to walk in the parade.  He was still chuckling to himself when he went to find his place in line.  I walked over to a table that was set up on the side walk and picked up a large glass goblet and a clear vase to carry along with me, and took my place in line a few feet behind grandpa.  Music started behind me, and the parade began to march forward. We marched through the streets, uneventfully as I proudly watched him carry the flag down the street.  This parade progressed into an enormous cathedral style building and my grandpa marched right up to the very front with the flags, so the rest of the parade followed.  When we got to the very front, I found myself walking past grandpa and facing the giant stained glass window that was at the front of the building.  Grandpa paused behind me and I could hear the national anthem begin to play behind me.  It was right then that my grandfather let out a sneeze and the button popped right off his uniform.  It bounced off the stained glass, and with one swift motion, I caught the button in the glass vase I had carried along.  I looked to my right and my mother was staring at me, wide eyed.  We both tried to stifle our giggles as the band played, but I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard.  After the anthem was finished, the parade dispersed and I found myself walking among the crowd, trying to see if my friends had witnessed my epic button catch, or if it was something I would only share with my mom and grandpa.
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