Friday, June 16, 2017

Dr Appt - 36 weeks

I'm officially tired of going to the doctor.  Now, don't get me doctor is very kind and awesome...I just don't want to go to any more appointments!  We just hit the point where I will be going weekly, which means that the end is in sight, and for that part of things I am totally ready.

My latest appointment went smoothly and uneventfully.  I did get to take Orion with me, and that was fun to share.  The nurse weighed me and took my vitals, all while explaining to Orion what she was doing.  She even took the time to weigh him as well.  Then we went back into the doctor's office to wait and he asked questions about how the baby was doing.  It was very sweet.  Ultimately though, he was here to listen to the baby's heart beat.  This was his face when he heard it for the first time:

The baby kept moving away from the sensor, making the doctor chase the heart beat and Orion found that super entertaining.

My doctor also officially scheduled my c-section with the hospital of my choice since we are so close to the end now.  She still says if I go into labor naturally in the next couple weeks, we will play it by ear, but if not we have an appointment scheduled at least.

After the appointment, my doctor also gave me a prescription for a breast pump, so Orion and I went to Milk Works to pick up my electronic, hospital grade double breast pump.  I obviously haven't tried it out yet, but I'm happy to have something higher quality than what I had with Orion, and for it to be covered by my insurance.  Here is hoping it makes breast feeding easier this time than it was for the boy.

Now for the vitals:
My weight:  went up 2 lbs.  I officially am back to pre-pregnancy weight.
Blood Pressure: 131/78
Temperature:  Normal
Baby's heartbeat: 145
Uterus: Measuring at 38 weeks

Also, Orion is now 50" tall and weighs 62.8 lbs!  Where did my little boy go??  The next appointment will be in just 1 week, so whee?  I expect it to be very uneventful.
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