Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 37

Welcome to week 37!  We are now under 3 weeks until this little human arrives.  That's insanity!!  So, what's happening in pregnancy world this week?

For baby

Baby is now considered "near term" or "early term", which is the final step between being full term at 39 weeks.  During this time, lungs continue to mature and the brain continues to grow and develop.  Baby probably is about 19 inches long and weighs about 6.5 pounds! Baby will continue to grow about half a pound a week up until arrival.  She still wiggles a lot, but definitely feels like she's down lower than she has been in past weeks.  Baby continues to breath the amniotic fluid and suck their thumb to prep for life on the outside.  Before we know it, they will put those super important skills to the test.

For momma:

I managed to catch a cold this week, which is not my favorite thing.  As if I didn't have to pee often enough as it is, add a cough on top of things and it makes life quite the challenge.  Sleep for the past couple days has been MIA so I'm hoping to get past it soon.  The heartburn is still not too bad, which I will never complain about.  I haven't had it consistently at least, which is great.  Otherwise, I'm trying to be patient and not get too stressed or nervous about little one making an appearance.  I plan on packing my hospital bag sometime this week.  I already have the diaper bag packed, but I'm somehow sure that I'll unpack and repack it more than once in the next two weeks. 
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