Friday, June 23, 2017

Dr. Appt Week 37

Once again, the latest Dr appointment was uneventful and went smoothly, which is a good thing.  Baby continues to try to hide from the doctor as she tries to find a heart beat, to the point that the doctor thought maybe she had flipped around and was breech.  Fortunately, she wasn't but it was entertaining to feel her wiggling around and responding, but the doctor still having to chase her.

They did my Group B Strep test, and my doctor and I talked a little bit about the epidural for the c-section.  I explained the super itchy feeling that I had after the last one, and she explained that it's actually the pain medication included in the epidural that causes that reaction.  She then said we would discuss our options with the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery.  Essentially I have 2 options, either I have the same medicine and an itchy reaction, or I have a pain med pump put into place, which means no itchiness but potential for more pain.  

Otherwise, the rest of the appointment was not exciting at all.

Now for the vitals:
My weight:  went back down 2 lbs.
Blood Pressure: 112/88 - the nurse said this was a little high, but the doctor was fine with it.
Temperature:  Normal
Baby's heartbeat: 146
Uterus: Measuring at 42 weeks!!!

The next appointment will be in just 1 week, and will be my final appointment before I have this baby.  Woot.
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