Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Due Dates & not that kind!

My due date is right around the corner.  I keep saying it's hard to believe, but sometime within the next 9 days I will officially meet this little person that has inhabited my womb for the past 9 months. While some parts of this process feel like they have taken forever, a much larger part feels like it has gone by SO so quickly.  I didn't quite realize how close we were to the end until today.   So, what made that feeling hit home?  A bottle of milk.  Yep.  I said it.  Milk.

Let me explain...

Since I was a child, I've always been fascinated with upcoming dates and countdowns to events.  I'll divide time into more manageable sections when driving and have had a count down until baby's arrival since January to go along with the count up in weeks that I've had since the very beginning.  My methods and tracking have often changed.  However, there is once consistent method that I have always used to tell when an event is officially "close"...and that is the expiration date on a jug of milk.  As a kid, I remember seeing my birthday on a bottle of milk and being excited that it was so close to the celebration, and I've continued that trend into my adulthood.  When I see an important date on a bottle of milk, I know it's time to start to get excited, and to make sure I'm actually ready.  Today, I found this:

That is my due date on a bottle of chocolate milk.  I guess that means that it is officially close and it's time to make sure that we're completely prepared for this little person to come home.
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